Asphalt Testing


Test Equipment for Quality Control of Asphalt:


  • Laboratory Mixer 5 to 30 l and Electric Mixing Tray for the preparation of Asphalt Specimen



  • Water Content of Asphalt Apparatus



  • Binder Extraction Centrifuge, Hot Extractor, Autoextractor, Filter Extractor and Solvent Recovery Still for the separation of Asphalt



  • Vacuum Evaporator and Accessories, Vacuum Glass Bottle, Vacuum Indicator and Vacuum Manometer, Bottle Roller, Pycnometer, Pycnometer Water Bath and Hydrometer for Examination of Bitumious Material



  • Marshall Compactor, Marsh Moulds, Hydraulic Sample Extruder, Storage Plate, Suspension Device and Marshall Water Bath for the preparation and Examination of Asphalt Specimen



  • Marshall Stability Tester, Marsh Stability Mould, Split Tension Test Frame and Shearing Frame for the determination of Strength Tests of Asphalt Specimen



  • Asphalt Penetrometer, Cube Mould and Penetration Test Mould for the determination of Penetration Resistance of Road- and Mastix Asphalt



  • Bitumen Sampler and Bacon Sampler for Sampling








  • Penetrometer and Accessories, Ring- and Ball Apparatus, Breakpoint Tester, Electric Melting Apparatus, Ductilometer, Viscometer and Flash Point Tester for the determination of Bituminous Materials



  • TSE-Rapid Tar Determination Unit



  • Layer Thickness Measuring Apparatus for non-destructive measuring of the traverse path layer thickness



  • Wheel Tracking Test Apparatus for testing Asphalt Samples with rolling load



  • Laminate Compactor and Gyrator for preparation of Asphalt Samples



  • Hydro-Pulsator and Accessories for endurance tests with changing load



  • Surface Regularity Apparatus, Straight Edge, Measuring Wedge, Planograph and Benkelman Beam for quality control (lateral surface and irregularities surface) of road surface



  • SRT-Device (Skid Resistance Tester) for determination the resistance



  • Road Core Drilling Machine for professional Taking of Asphalt Specimen