Concrete- / Cement Testing



Test Equipment for Quality Control of Concrete and Cement




  • Bulk Sampling Device, Le Chatelier Flask, Blaine Apparatus and Bulk Density Measure for the determination of loose Cement



  • Vicat Needle Apparatus, Gillmore Apparatus, Flow table, Plunger Penetration Apparatus and Mortar Workability Apparatus



  • Marsh Funnel, Le Chatelier Mould, Le Chatelier Water Bath, Autoclave and Drying Shrinkage and Moisture Movement Apparatus



  • Calorimeter, NLK-Apparatus, Lime Slaking Vessel, Air Entrainment Meter



  • Mortar Mixer, Mortar Specimen Moulds, Cement Cube Mould, Standard Test Sand, Vibration Tables and Accessories for manufacture of Cement Mortar Specimen



  • Humidity Storing Boxes and Climate Chamber for the storage of Test Specimen











  • Flow Table, Slump-Test-Cone, Compacting Container, Thaulow-Pot and Accessories for the Determination of Slump of Concrete



  • Concrete Tester FCT101, Concrete Pocket Penetrometer, Bulk Density Measure and Air Entrainment Meter for Quality Control of Fresh Concrete



  • Compulsory Mixer, Cube Moulds (Steel or Plastic), Steel Beam Mould, Steel Cylinder Moulds, Concrete Cube Labels, Cube- and Cylinder Carrying Tongs, Capping Frame, Melting Pot, Capping Compound, Vibration Tables, Internal Needle Vibrator and Accessories for the Manufacture of Concrete Specimen



  • Concrete Cupboard A + B



  • Concrete Test Hammer for the non-disturbed testing of Concrete



  • Covermeter for the localisation of reinforcement bars in Concrete



  • Ultrasonic Concrete Tester for the determination of Quality of Concrete



  • Chloride Test Set for the rapid determination of chloride content on side



  • Tension Test Device



  • Curing Tanks and Curing Cases for storage of Concrete Specimen



  • Concrete Impermiability Tester for the examination of set Concrete



  • Compression Test Machines 200 up to 3000 kN (Class 2+1), Bending Test Machines, Distance Pieces, Piston for Kerb Test, Pressure Device for Concrete Pavement Blocks and Brazilian Test Frame for the determination of Strength of Concrete