The Röhrenwerk Kupferdreh pipe mill was founded by Carl Hamm at its present
site in Essen in April 1929. Today the company is under themanagement of the
third generation of the Hamm family.

3 companies are located on the company site measuring about 34,000 sq. m:

Röhrenwerk Kupferdreh
Carl Hamm GmbH

Carl Hamm GmbH & Co. KG

Hamm-Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG



After the war the Röhrenwerk Kupferdreh pipe mill established itself initially as a typical supplier to the mining industry. The mining specialists began with the manufacture of gas, air and water supply lines from steel.

Over the years the Röhrenwerk Kupferdreh pipe mill was able to put its know-how to use in areas of industry not related to mining. Today it numbers energy suppliers, the technical industry and general pipeline manufacturers amongst its regular customers.

Geotechnics ? founded 1989
We have been operating successfully in the production and marketing of geological surveying equipment and testing systems for nearly 20 years. Consistent research and development, professional production processes and market-focused marketing structures have put us amongst Germany's leading providers. Our high-quality products are used by engineering geology, the building industry, universities and polytechnics all over the world.