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The mining industry and its suppliers are still competent in matters of technology. Our experience and our wide product range offer innovative and sound solutions for above- and below-ground mining and the water and waste water treatment sector.

We also offer a wide range of products in the area of housing technology.



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Flanged pipes, pullproof plug-type sleeve (ZSM) connections, cooling-water insulation pipes, high-pressure pipeline systems, shaped sections, rolled-groove pipes, collar pipes, pit pipelines and every product area are tailored to meet the solution.

The power generating industry, particularly in the renewable energy sector, geothermal energy, is a strong area of application for our pipe products. Our patent products, combined with the know-how gained from the mining sector, are much in demand for tunnel construction and well sinking.

We adapt to your requirements flexibly and supportively. We can produce specially to meet your requirements, whatever the product area.