Sounding Machines
and Drill Rigs


Percussion Hammers, Core Drilling Machines, Emergency Generators, Drill Rigs and Drill Tools:


  • Percussion Hammers (electric, gasoline or hydraulic) for using with Soil Samplers and for breaking up road surfaces



  • Core Drilling Machines (electric or gasoline) for taking Concrete- or Asphalt Cores Ø 50-200 mm, cost effective and handy Machines for flexible operation on side










  • Road Core Drilling Machine (fully assembled on chassis) for professional taking of Concrete- or Asphalt Cores up to Ø 400 mm, also used for coring the lightings of runways



  • Emergency Generators for independent power supply on side



  • Drill Rigs for different coring methods (Well Drilling, Hollow Stem Auger, Core Drilling, Rock Drilling, Direct Circulation Drilling ore Window Sampling) up to 217 mm Ø outside, depth up to approx 30 m



  • Drill Tools